10 Things to Know About Getting Into Your Dream College

If your thinking about going to dream college there is something that you should know before you do. Here is a detailed list of 10 things you should know before joining your dream college.

  • Price
    The first and possibly the most important thing you should look into is the price of the school and classes you plan on taking. But, that’s not the only thing that you should be thinking about. There are other fees besides class fees such as lab and book fees. Always make sure you can cover your school fees with student loans and out of pocket.
  • Time Management
    This is an important thing to get used to ahead of time. You can always manage your time better, keep that in mind when your thinking about starting college.
  • Caffiene
    This can be a lifesaver when you have to study through the night. Caution! Don’t overdo it.
  • Find You Time
    You should find time for your self and relax every once in awhile college can get stressful. Just remember everyone needs a break every now and then.

Other things to look into before you start college are the following.

  • Watch your Drinking
    Lots of drinking makes it hard to study.
  • Take notes
    Taking notes makes it easier to do your school work and study for tests.
  • Dont Cheat or Plagiarize
    That’s how you get kicked out of college
  • Keep your Eye on the prize
    Always remember why you started college in the first place
  • Roman Noodles
    They will be your best friend you will see.
  • Pick at least one class you enjoy
    Because if you dislike all your classes you may get bored.
  • Shoot for higher grades
    Even if you get good grades aim higher!