Sharing 10 different ways to get ready for a New School

Many kids may start to feel anxious as the new school year approaches. There are many ways a parent can alleviate the nervous feels of their children. Here are 10 approaches:

1. First Impressions:
By explaining this to your child, you can start to discuss what type of impressions he or she should make for his or her classmates or teachers. Remind them to be friendly, make eye contact, listen to others, and pay attention in class. He or she will become more comfortable with the situation around others.

2. Make friends:
Here are some tips when making friends, asking questions, telling something interesting about yourself, talk about your hobbies, find a common interest, invite the person to play or sit with you, smile, and take turns. Also, remind them to talk to different people and meet as many as possible.

3. Getting home:
Plan out where and when you will pick up your child when school ends.

4. Becoming Involved:
Discussing teams or clubs that your child might want to join so they can feel a sense of belonging and make some friends.

5. What to Expect:
If your child is going to an entirely different grade level or school, discuss topics about how there will be differences so that they will not be surprised by the changes.

6. Ways to get off to a good start:
Planning ahead will help your child feel less nervous like touring the school, finding classrooms, making breakfast, getting ready, and leaving time to meet up with friends.

7. After-school plans

8. Previous Schools

9. Fears or concerns

10. Goals

When you discuss and help your students apply to their new school, they become successful graduates and excel in everything they do. I encourage all parents to find some good useful tips to use and explain to their kids.