4 Top Emerging Fields for Post-Graduate Studies

Figuring out where to take your education and career can be a confusing thing. The following are a few ideas that will help get you started.


This subject is defined as the science of analyzing data in large amounts. It is done for a variety of reasons. The job growth by 2024 is projected to be over 16 percent and is considered a field relatively low in stress. The average salary is $113,700.

Computer Science:

The world is becoming more and more technology focused, so this is a field that has a very optimistic outlook. Advances in computers are happening all the time. As such, an increasing amount of people are needed in this field. The average salary is $147, 400.


Economics is an area that deals with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth. Though it may not seem like it from that definition, there are many jobs in the field and the skills gained from studying it are transferable. The average salary is $125,800.
Veterinary Medicine: Veterinary Medicine deals with the treatment and prevention of health issues in animals. The increase in employment is projected to be 35.9 percent by 2020. The average pay is $82,040.