5 Degrees Leading to High Salaries

College opens the door to success, but only some degrees will bring the bankable job offers graduates need to pay off student loans and still make ends meet. Anyone looking for a financially lucrative degree should consider one of these options.

1. Engineering. Employers are desperate for engineering talent. A bachelor’s degree in any engineering discipline will earn a graduate a solid entry-level salary and nearly unlimited earning potential.

2. Computer Science. Computers run the world, but people run computers. In this tech-heavy culture, financially rewarding jobs in computer science are here to stay.

3. Actuarial Science. Risk is everywhere and successful businesses know an actuarial scientist can help navigate financial uncertainty. Graduates are highly sought after by banks, insurance companies, and heath care organizations.

4. Accounting. It may not be glamorous, but every business needs someone to crunch numbers. A bachelor’s degree in accounting can not only pay off with a good job as a controller or financial analyst, it can open the door to entrepreneurship.

5. Nursing. If a bachelor’s degree isn’t in the cards, an associate’s degree in nursing can be a great start. Entry-level positions offer solid salaries and management positions can be reached without a bachelor’s degree. Salaries for bachelors-prepared nurses can be exceptional.

Earning a degree is about more than money, but if all else is equal, why not choose a program that can lead to a financially rewarding career?