Why Barcelona is Also the Top City to Study About the Digital Ecosystem

Barcelona isn’t one of Europe’s most visited cities for nothing. They have many beautiful beaches, historic gothic architecture, interesting fashion styles, and Catalan cuisine. It is currently also attracting many young people who want to study and work with their digital ecosystem.

Since Barcelona has the most Big Data projects of any other European location, it is also considered to be the European Capital of innovation. Historically, Barcelona has its origins in the Iberian village going all the way back to the second century. Today, it’s undergoing a massive transformation to remain its own Digital City per the 2017-2020 plan. Their aim is to provide each community with incentives, infrastructures, and programs to bring citizens of every age and status together for better public services.

Barcelona Technology School’s Master Program aims to teach the next generation of entrepreneurs and developers to assume their place at the forefront of this very fast-paced field. They teach students how to develop their own solutions as well as their own projects. Students also have grand opportunities to connect with professionals and other real-world connections both during and immediately after they complete the program. So if you believe that this is something you would love to be a part of then by all means, take advantage of the program in Barcelona. You won’t be disappointed.