Avoid These Six Common Interview Mistakes

Like most of us, you will probably participate in several interviews throughout your lifetime. However, to optimize your chances of success, avoid the following six common interview mistakes.

Talking too much.

Some interviewees talk constantly due to nervousness. Others have little regard for professional protocol. Engage in a balanced conversation rather than trying to dominate.

Saying too little.

One-word answers to interviewer questions can come across as being very shy, uninformed, or non-caring. Be ready to explain short answers with examples or clarifications that connect your credentials with the company’s needs.

Lack of preparation.

Failure to research the company online or learn something about it before the interview suggests an interested candidate. Similarly, don’t leave your Vita or Resume at home, along with reference letters. Come prepared.

Sloppy appearance.

A casual appearance, poor grooming, and lackadaisical manner can make interviewees appear unsuitable for the job. Dress professionally according to the company’s dress code, which you can probably find in their website’s photo section.

Careless attitude.

Leave a cocky attitude or careless behavior at home. Avoid chewing or snapping gum, and speak clearly without mumbling. Sit up straight and listen when the interviewer talks.

Unprofessional materials.

A poorly-completed application, along with iffy or messy reference materials, creates an impression of an unprofessional candidate. Have your materials printed on good paper with quality ink, and proofread carefully.

It doesn’t take much to present a positive image or a negative one. Follow these six steps for a meaningful interview to avoid problematic mistakes.