‘Career ready’ out of high school? Why the nation needs to let go of that myth

Most parents believe that when their kids graduate from high school they should be college ready or ready for a career right away. High schools have changed dramatically. They are not a springboard for an established career right away. Most kids don’t know what they want to go into when they graduate. You see, high schools only give an overview of most subjects that are used in society and they show the students what they are most interested in. Whether the student wants a blue-collar job, wants to be an office clerk or CEO of a company depends on the student.

In the early 1900’s most kids worked on farms and went to school. The school was basic, both reading and math were hammered it was only after WWII that education began to change dramatically. Money was put forth in research to harness technological advancement. With this advancement came the discovery of internet which in turn made the world a global village.

Parents need to understand that you don’t send children to school because they need to get a job rather it’s to help them think for themselves so that they can choose the best path for themselves. Most high schools do offer vocational classes and students who like to work with their hand try at different things like mechanical work, cosmetics, woodworking and many more. However, even with this brief training employers are looking for apprenticeship within this areas. Some colleges offer taining on safety and usage of equipment. So just a high school diploma is not going to cut it out in the real world.