Computer Science for Everyone

Computer Science is a growing field yet there are no many people taking interest in it. There are more computer science related jobs than there are qualified people to fill them. Schools are trying to do something about this. They are trying to get more students interested in the field of computer science. Schools are also trying to get black and Hispanic students interested in this field and show them that they can have a good career.

Schools all over the country are working hard to close the gap in the computer science field and encourage more minorities and those from a low-income background to take an interest in the field. There are signs that are being posted to celebrate computer science and additional computer science courses being developed at these schools. Students are learning coding and animation based courses. Schools are also looking to use programs and teach computers. They are looking to increase funding to get students Google Chromebooks so more lessons can be done online. STEM teachers are impacting these students and are trying to show them that working with computers can be fun. So far students have taken an interest in these courses and like to be working on the computer programs.