Four Steps to Becoming a Diplomat

Diplomats get to travel the world and work for the United States. These positions can be acquired in four distinct steps. One must study for the Foreign Services Officer Test, pass the hiring exam, accept a desired appointment and complete initial training.

The Foreign Services Officer Test has four sections. One must pass in areas of knowledge of job duties, biographical information and English grammar. The last section is an essay question. There are many study guides available.

After studying for this test, one has to initiate the hiring process. One begins by passing the Foreign Services Officer Test. After passing, one goes to the next phase of the application by completing the Personal Narrative Questions. These are short essays designed to understand a candidate’s background. Next, one completes an oral assessment. This is a face to face interview. If one passes this interview, then all that is left for being hired is to pass the security clearance.

When completing the hiring process, an applicant must select an appointment as they become available. An applicant can reject the first one offered to them. If they reject the second appointment, then they are removed from candidacy.

After selecting the appointment, the candidate undergoes training for their mission. This training can last up to a year.

Diplomats must study for the Foreign Services Officer Test, pass the hiring process, select a desired region and complete training. By being proficient in writing and world knowledge, one may be among the few to achieve this job occupation.