Is a Master’s in Masculinity in Your Future?

Masculinity is currently formed by societal standards that men are expected to conform to. Masculinity is complex and everything including careers, sexuality, and fatherhood are molded by it. Men have ruled the world for the better part of history, but how or why masculinity has played a role in this is not easy to pinpoint or express without a greater understanding of how masculinity itself is being defined.

Gender and their stereotypes are apparent in every aspect of our lives the closer we look. The colors pink and blue are assigned to a baby depending on their gender. Of course, this usually happens long before the child’s personality has developed enough for anyone to know what color that baby would like best. The constraints of masculinity and femininity make it so merely existing can be hard. Men are forbidden to cry at all, and women are fully expected to cry excessively.

Degrees in gender studies have typically been only for women. However, if you are one of many men who are interested in learning more about the history of masculinity, what it is like to be a man in today’s world, and what brought us to our current standpoint, a Masters in Masculinity may be the graduate degree you need.