Minnesota Man Inspired by Father to Pursue Education Career

Scott Hannon, former superintendent of Winona Public School District, had a 41-year career in education that was inspired by his father, Elmer Hannon. The genesis was a farm in Arcadia, Wisconsin. Forty-year-old Elmer Hannon decided to enroll in college.

Elmer Hannon lived through the ’20s and the Great Depression. He graduated from Arcadia High School and in 1941 married Alice Breyer. After World War II, they moved to Winona, and Elmer worked as a clerk. The union produced two boys, Scott Hannon and Roger Hannon, and the family resided in a small house.

In 1955, Scott Hannon commenced kindergarten and his father started college. For the family’s survival, Alice Hannon became a domestic worker. Scott Hannon did not understand poverty, but he knew his mother and father were striving for a better life.

After Elmer Hannon’s graduation, he worked as an industrial technology teacher at Winona’s junior high school. Scott Hannon graduated from Winona’s high school in 1967 and matriculated at Winona State. Before graduating, to help his father, Scott Hannon taught one class.

When Elmer Hannon retired, Scott Hannon replaced him as the industrial technology teacher. According to the son, who honors his father, Elmer Hannon was more knowledgeable.

A district superintendent encouraged Scott Hannon to pursue a career in administration. He held several positions and rose to superintendent.

Carmen Hannon, Scott Hannon’s wife and a former educator, said it was a job that made her husband happy and he agrees. Post retirement, he is now a freelance education consultant.