New Scholarship Opportunities for Filipino Students in France

In the Philippines, one of the most popular foreign languages to learn and pursue a degree in is French. To help support the efforts of those that are looking to learn more about the language and culture, the country of France has announced a new scholarship program that will help to pay for the costs of higher education.

The national Embassy of France that is located in Manila recently announced the launching of a new program called the PhilFrance Scholarship Program. The PhilFrance Scholarship Program will work to provide assistance to students that are located in the Philippines and would like to continue their education by eventually moving to France. For those that are in the program, the education will eventually take them to France where they can study onsite and do more research.

Ever since the program was launched, around 35 different students have participated in the program and have seen significant success and benefits ever since. The benefits of the program will provide someone with free room and board, tuition, and even other costs associated with living in France.

Overall, the requirements to get into the program are tough. The application process will require someone to have a strong academic background while also forming good relationships with staff. There will be a long interview process with both the student and the reference providers. There is also a lot of demand for the program. In a recent study in the survey, France was the overwhelming choice between France, the US, and Germany.