Teacher from Canadian Inuit school wins $1m global prize

One lucky Canadian Arctic teacher was made the winner of the annual Global Teacher Prize, a prize that is used to boost the popularity of teaching. During the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai, Maggie MacDonnell was announced as the winner. Despite the struggle, McDonnell helped to improve the life of young people in Inuit and spoke on the number of youth suicides. She began to explain that sometimes she would notice an empty desk in her classroom the next morning and the atmosphere was silent. McDonnell continued to explain that she wants the prize to shed a light on the situation and hope to stop the growing chain of youth suicide.

This achievement should provide encouragement for not only teachers but everyone all over the world. With proper cause and the willingness to provide a change, anything can be achieved. Obstacles come and go but if you keep pushing and fighting, it will come to light and become noticed. Take MacDonnell’s situation of getting to work for example. The only way back and forth to Salluit was by plane. Even if at first it seems like nothing’s going well never give up. Finding a goal and working towards it will help you towards your dream. Maybe you’ll be the next person to win a prize or become that next lucky teacher to be announced as an overachiever who stood against all odds and found a way around the troubles. Whoever and whatever you do, do it to the best of your abilities.