The 10 Best-Paying Cities For Teachers

As you may know, teachers don’t get paid all that much, but in some cities they get paid pretty good, or more than most cities. There’s a small town in New York called Scarsdale and they are quite serious about education. Ever since 1784 they started taking things to the next level and boasting the schools as well as making the teachers salaries higher. It’s actually one of the top district in the country. The second city is a city called Nantucket in Massachusetts. This school district has only four schools in it. This city is a tourist destination so the population is pretty high. The parents and support in this city is very good. Being that the city is very nice you can expect the salaries to be better than a city thats not for tourist. In Palo Alto, CA they have a really good district. They have all types of cultures in this city and their two high schools are actually 99.7% better than the rest of the high schools in the United States Of America. The teachers are very professional in this city so they are rewarded with higher salary. Valdez, AK is a great school district also.The community is one big family and the teachers take care of their students as their own, which makes them deserve the top pay. Greenwich, CT also is a great school district with high pay. The education system is great and they have several students in each school. And the next 5 cities all have a tremendous amount of students in their district and the teachers work very hard. Those cities are Newark, Nj; Levittown, PA; Rockville, MD; Providence, RI;and Wilmington, DE. All of these schools are great and they all have the best paying salaries in the United States.