Knowledge and Mental Preparation for High School Placement Exams

You want what is best for your child. If your decision regarding your child’s education includes private school, be aware that many of them require a placement exam before the student will be admitted to their institution. Keep in mind, while preparing your child, that taking an exam is mostly knowledge, but also requires a healthy mental attitude.

Prepare your child for success by following these suggestions. They will help your child to have an opportunity to excel in an academic environment that is supportive and enriching.


Children must be made aware of school and parental requirements. A child who is apprehensive is less likely to perform well on any exam. Even if they are familiar with standardized testing, knowing that their performance on a placement exam is a ‘make or break’ action may heighten their stress level. Mental preparation should be done well before the child reaches 7th grade.


A child who is well-read is a child who can enhance the rest of their skills. Every class in high school, even arithmetic, requires reading. Help your child to find books that interest them and they will improve these skills faster.

Test Preparation

When your child studies for a placement exam, they should be in an environment like the one they will be testing in. That means sitting at a desk or table, not lying on their bed or on the floor. Their memories of the test material will be accessed easier if they study in the same position as they would take the test.

Knowledge is Key

Students should concentrate on the topics which will be included on the exams. Placement tests include the basic 3-R’s, reading, writing, and arithmetic, but they will also be expected to know science, social studies and other information. Private high schools can be more particular with their requirements and therefore wish to only invite the highest-performers.


Ensure your child is over-prepared. This will ensure they stay calmer before and during exam administration. Teach them breathing and stretching exercises they can do if they begin to feel anxiety building up. When children are relaxed, their performance will improve and they will have a better chance of success.