Top 4 Reasons to Study in Southeast Asia

4 Reasons to Study in Southeast Asia

When students consider studying abroad, they usually picture Europe. While Europe can be an incredible place to tour and see, Southeast Asia offers its own unique and different benefits to those wishing to experience the world.

1. Become Fluent in a language- In Southeast Asia there are hundreds of languages spoken. if you are learning to speak one of these, studying abroad will vastly improve your speaking skills. It goes for any foreign country, but Southeast Asia has some beautiful languages, and becoming fluent in an Asian dialect is a life skill that many people don’t have.

2. Experience a new culture- Asian culture and lifestyle is much different than that of European or North American countries. Studying with other young people will expose you to new foods, new types of entertainment, and new ways of interacting with people.

3. Beautiful Landscapes and Scenery- Cities like Bangkok, Thailand or Hanoi, Vietnam have beautiful architecture and parks, while more rural areas like Borneo Rainforest offer gorgeous nature. Many of the buildings are very old or constructed in a completely different way than western buildings, and are both interesting and stunning.

4. It can be inexpensive- Traveling internationally can become expensive very quickly, but aside from the plane ticket, lodging and travel in Asia are fairly cheap. If you want to see the world, but do it all on a budget, Southeast Asia can provide incredible culture, food, technology, languages and scenery for a college student price.Asia