What Children Won’t Learn From Books

There are some things you can’t learn from reading about them, but only by experiencing them. Children rely on adults to teach them the ways of the world long before they can pick up a book.

1. Flexibility

This is the ability to take change as it comes and adapt to the situation without giving up. This comes from parents showing their child how to find other solutions, many of which need to be made without a book handy.

2. Kindness

You can read about kind characters all day but unless you show a child kindness and what kindness looks like, they won’t see how it applies to them. This includes helping others without expectation of payment in return.

3. Generosity

This trait is something you learn by watching others be generous with their time, talents, and even money. Many characters don’t have time to show generosity since they are busy having adventures.

4. Gratitude

This is apparent when we tell children to be grateful, but they still want more without a thought to what they already have. This takes an adult to show them what gratitude looks and sounds like and to be content with what you already have.