What is the Value of a College Degree?

“You going to school yet?” says your mother, father, auntie, grams and whoever else wants to make small talk about your future. It seems like this little piece of paper represents your worth to the world around you, dictating what you can and can’t do. With rising loan costs and for profit colleges churning out whoever will pay, is your degree really worth it?

Yes. Paper aside, the experience of dedicating yourself to a study in a place that supports you is worthwhile.

Learning for Yourself
A good education will not only teach you how to do the specific of your career, but will shape you into someone who, more importantly, knows where to find information they lack. Working with professors who are in your industry will give you valuable insight into where to collect your resources and make sure you always stay on top of your chosen field.

You can put your face in a book and learn the same materials as everyone else, but you will miss out on making connections. Social bonding aside, classmates beside you will be the ones in your industry for your life. They have likewise aspirations as you and together a web can be woven of working professionals looking out for each other.

Proof of Perseverance
You’ve made it. Years of your life have been dedicated to the study of a craft, career, or trade. The perseverance required to get through school isn’t something that should be looked down upon, and requires more than what test scores can show. Those who have been the same situation will be able to recognize this, and know you are a person of quality.