10 Homework Tips

Our children have been coming home with homework for as long as we can remember. We have had some controversy over the years with teachers and parents about having homework. In Today it is pretty much up to the teacher whether kids bring home class work or not.

We know either way they will be bringing some type of homework home even if it’s only for a couple of classes. We obviously want our children to succeed and knowing they have already been in school all day long then have to come home to more school work. How can we as parents better help our children with homework, but doing so without interfering with their learning technique in the classroom?

  • Keep a Positive Attitude about Homework
  • Help Your Child with Time Management
  • If your Child Needs Help, Provide guidance, not the answers.
  • Make Sure Your Child is Doing Homework in a Well Lite and Quiet Area
  • Know Your Childs Teachers
  • If the Teacher Wants Yu to be A part of the Childs Homework, get Involved
  • Homework Should be a set Time Everyday
  • Always Praise Your Childs Work
  • Make Rules about Cell Phone Usage during Studying Hours
  • Help Them Come up With a Plan for Heavy Homework Nights