15 Interesting Facts About Education Around The World They Don’t Teach You In School

There are numerous things that you learn while you’re in school. There’s also projects and displays that you make that help you learn about everything from the solar system to the human body. You might be interested in a few facts about education from other parts of the world that are a bit surprising. There are 32,000 students at The City Montessori School in India. This is considered the largest school in the world. If you go to school in China, you’re among those who receive the most homework. Only children ages 5 to 9 in Pakistan go to school for free.

Chile schools give students a summer vacation that extends from December to March. French schools have the longest days but the shortest years. When children in Germany start school, they are given a large cone that is filled with all kinds of supplies and even a few snacks. They also receive a toy or two in the cone because parents and teachers want children to be excited about learning and going to school. As soon as a child turns 4 in Holland, the child starts school. Most classrooms have new students each day because of the number of children who turn 4 during the school year.