American educators tend to focus on fifty key moments of American history when teaching.

Here are the fifty key items.

– Landing at Plymouth Rock
– Founding Jamestown
– The Boston Tea Party
– Concord and Lexington
– Declaration of Independence
– Victory at Ticonderoga
– Aaron Burr’s Duel with Alexander Hamilton
-The Louisiana Purchase
– The Monroe Doctrine
– Andrew Jackson’s Assault on Banks
– The War of 1812
– The Gold Rush
– The Westward Expansion
– Stewards Folly
– The Dread Scott Case
– Election of Abraham Lincoln
– Secession and the Civil War
– The War and Surrender by Lee
– Reconstruction in the South
– Growth of Industrialization
– The Robber Barons
– The Network of Railroads
– Discovery of Oil in Pennsylvania
– The Growth of Wall Street
– Spanish American War and Teddy Roosevelt
– Trustbusting and Progressivism
– The Advent of Electricity
– The Automobile and Expansion of World View
– World War 1 and War Entry
– Rejecting the League of Nations
– The Roaring 20s
– The Great Depression
– Roosevelt and the New Deal
– Entry into World War 2
– The War and Victory
– The Atomic Bomb
– Truman and the Cold War
– Jazz and Rock and Roll
– The Korean War
– Fighting Communism
– Assassination of Kennedy
– The War In Poverty
– The Vietnam War
– The Culteral Revolution
– the Collapse of Soviet Russia
– The Oil Crisis
– The 1980s and The Market
– The Gulf War Crisis
– Gulf War 2
– 9/11 and Terrorism
– Waning American Power and Influence

American history is rich and Varied. These are fifty of the key American historical moments commonly taught but far from everything.