9 Facts to Know About Education Around the World

Education is a given, correct? Actually no. Most children in the United States, dread hearing the word education. “What do I need that for”?, is the common saying from youngsters, teens, and even some young adults being made to attend college. However if they would stop and take a look at the rest of the world, they may see a different picture.

Here are nine facts , worthy of knowing, and sharing with youngsters and adults you know. #1 is a sad fact in third world countries. If a child’s mother can read, that child has a 50% better chance of surviving past five years of age. This is shocking.

Another shocking fact is that around 59 million children around the world are not afforded and education, with 65 million not getting to a secondary education, if they get the first.
Natural disasters, and global conflicts have also affected the education of about 75 million children. Natural disasters is understandable, but countries letting their politics affect the education of their children is in comprehensible. 15 million girls in the world will never be allowed to get an education, due to their religions or country practices.

3/4 of teachers out of 1 in 3 countries do not have the proper training to effectively teach children, resulting in inferior education. These are only a few of the many instances in poor education. next time a youngster complains, “eductate” them about others who will never learn to spell, read, or learn addition, leading them to be effectively “blind” to everyday matters.