America Is Divided by Education

The United States has been together for some time. There is one issue that is dividing the people of America. This topic is education. According to a recent poll, 61 percent of non-college educated white voters tend to go for Republicans while 53 percent of white Americans with a college education voted for the Democratic candidate. It seems that politics is coming down to education.

This has become known as the diploma divide. This happens with most white voters and education level does not play a lot with other races. In the past, those without a college education tended to vote Democrat and those with an education have voted Republican. Things have reversed for some time. Over the past couple of decades, there has been a switch. Some say that it is due to the candidates from each party and what they promise to do for the country. It seems like this divide is going to stay and is not going anywhere for a long time.

When the divide first came around back in the 1800s people were not often college educated. Southern white voters were a favorite of the Republicans and that is why many African Americans did not stay with this party. The Democrats pushed for social services. Over time the split began to change and now more educated people vote for the Democrats and the economic programs they are willing to support.