Technology Now Enters the Classroom

As civilization has evolved so has humanity’s methods of progress including the widespread usage of technology. Considering the prevalence of technological knowledge in society it is important that today’s youngster become informed about technological usage at an early age. That is why school systems are starting to incorporate technological devices as part of the school curriculum. An example a commonly used technological device is Classroom Dojo which simplifies monitoring an entire classroom and allows easy communication for teachers and parents. Technology has also revealed to be helpful in special education. Assistive technology has been a large component in the K-12 special education classrooms. Assistive technology proves to fulfill a variety of functions. Browse a few of the innovative assistive technological devices used in the school systems.

eSight Glasses are an Exciting New Invention.

Researchers have been diligently working to find methods of helping the visually blind see. The eSight electronic glasses present the opportunity for the visually impaired to read books,texts, and boards at any location in the school system.

The iPad Speak Selection Gives a Voice to All.

Everyone deserves an opportunity to be heard and the Speak Selection allows that opportunity. Assistive technology allows for a higher quality school experience for individuals of varying populations.

Timers Help in the Classroom Too.

Timers provide visual aid for students who may have a difficult time transitioning from task to task throughout the school day. Timers are part of a mental preparation for shifts in schedule.