Can US-Style Education Be Answer to Morocco’s Struggling Educational System?

The education system in Morocco is struggling. There is not a strong level of inequality, and the United States style of education could be the answer that is needed for Morocco to gain equilibrium. There definitely is a lot of strength in the American education system because there are so many different platforms for Americans to excel in.

In America there are charter schools and tons of virtual technology. There are a plethora of schools that have opportunities for kids to earn scholarships. It helps to have teachers that are passionate about the subjects that are being taught, but the technology is really a driving force.

In many schools in America the textbooks are becoming a thing of the past. Students are using tablets and smart boards to learn. They are reaching a whole new level of success by engaging in interactive lessons. This is the thing that is totally changing the way that kids in America learn. They are getting acquainted with a whole new way to process information, and that plays a big part in how they learn.

In Morocco there are still lots of gaps in the education system. There are not the same type of psychological developments that are happening in American with students, and that is part of the problem. In America students have a greater amount of free thinking and self expression. This allows students to gain a greater perspective on how they can make better contributions to society. This is what Morocco needs.