Colleges Are No Match For American Poverty

Higher education comes with a very high price tag. The price of going to college and university for a basic bachelor’s degree is one that will put most American citizens into considerable debt. After receiving their degree they then have to work the rest of their lives just to start paying their debt off with a job that has nothing to do with their degree in the first place. People are less and less able to afford to go on to higher education or to pay for their kids to go on to higher education when they themselves are still paying off college debts. This is causing a dramatic decrease in people going to college or university; as the American poverty rate grows from people having incredible amounts of debt after not being able to get a job after college, the rate of college attendants is dramatically dropping.

Data analysts who have collected and graphed the data to see how this trend is moving have come to the conclusion that this problem is only going to get worse. The cost of going to a higher education school whether it be a for-profit school or a private or public non-profit school continues to rise, and the american poverty rate rises just as quickly. Unless there are some big changes made which makes college a more affordable option, higher education will be no match for American poverty.