Vote to Save the U.S. Education System

In the U.S., education is always an important topic of debate. With secondary education being the precursor for higher education, voting the right politicians in office is essential to education on all levels. Because of this, it is more important than ever for citizens to get out and vote in the next election.

The current administration wants to introduce extreme budget cuts to public education (around 90 percent of students in the U.S. attend public schools) and redirect one billion into private school systems. They are proposing to cut over 7 billion dollars total, an amount that would cripple many education programs. The cuts would affect teacher salaries, after school programs, and possibly even prevent parents from working because they have no one to watch their children after school. Not only would education be affected, but so would the economy. This would trigger a chain reaction in which students are not prepared for higher education, and worse, families may not be able to afford higher education.
Having the right politicians in office could save the educational foundation, or help to restore the educational foundation if the bill is passed for the budget cuts. This can only happen if citizens of the U.S. get out and vote. It is essential that everyone pulls together as a nation in the next election and vote for the politicians that will work to keep higher education attainable for all U.S. citizens.