College students finds ways to control stress

College is one of the most anxious times of our lives because it is no more fun and games. College is the time to really prepare for your future which is why it will cause any student anxiety. Though this is true, we can still find ways to at least lower signs of anxiety.

1. Accept that your feelings are actually valid.
Do not ever feel the way you are feeling is not true, you have the right to feel that way because it is apart of your journey. And, you are definitely not the only one feeling that way.

2. Meditation.
Taking a focus on your breath to regulate heartbeat and body back to calm state works when your anxiety is heightened. Telling yourself that, “Everything will be okay”, will help you relax you. These are called meditative practices.

3. Connecting with your professors.
You are practically an adult now and you need to start reaching out to your college professors if need be. They will be more than happy to assist in your anxiety to help get the work done.

4. Surround yourself with support.
A support system is important whether it is one person or a group, they can help talk to you at your most vulnerable state.

5. Get involved on campus.
Getting involved on campus can help ease your mind and anxious thoughts so you can meet new people. Also, you begin to sense a feeling of fulfillment helping people or doing things you enjoy.

6. Take time for yourself.
Though you may be eager to be out there, do not forget to do things for yourself like, nap, music, or things that bring your mind to a happy place. This is the time to reenergize yourself. Remind yourself that though life can get crazy fun, do not forget that your body and health should be put first.

7. Take it one day at a time.
Since anxiety does not go away overnight, you still need to focus on the present. Always think about what needs to get done today and try not to freak out about tomorrow. Do not let anxiety control you. Practice your day to day routines.