High School Students Explain Why They Protest Anthems and Pledges

Anthems and Pledges are a part of all the schools in this country. Every kid in America grew up pledging their allegiance to the flag or singing the National Anthem. However, today’s younger generation are a lot more inquisitive about the anthems and pledges that we often take for granted. They listen to social media and other media outlets that include professional players protesting against the racist way that black people in America are treated. Their decision to kneel or raise a fist in protest led many kids to question their own beliefs about the flag, anthems and pledges.

Why They Protest Anthems And Pledges
Kids notice the injustice that goes on around them and it starts to bother them. Many young people would like to share their feelings about the injustice that is going on in this country and the world. One way is by emulating the actions of well known athletes. Many state that it is a lot better than just sitting back and-not saying anything at all about things that bother them. It’s a weird feeling, when you learn that the minorities in the country are not treated equally or even just given basic human rights. These are rights that people of all races, religions, and backgrounds fought for to build this country on a strong foundation of freedom.

Many kids protest anthems and pledges to demonstrate that they know that injustice is still happening in this country and we need to bring this into the light.