How Big Data is Changing Higher Education

The use of data and data analytics is continuing to change the world in a range of different ways. One part of the world that is continuing to use data analytics is the world of education. Data analysis is being used to improve the education industry a number of different ways.

One way that colleges and universities are using data for higher education is for smarter admissions. While colleges and universities have always used GPA, class rank, and standardized test scores in their admissions practices, they are continuing to enhance the way that data analysis is used. Today, colleges are using data to analyze social media websites to determine the overall perceived risk of an applicant. They are then able to use this data to also determine what the likelihood is that the student will excel academically and professionally.

Many of the top colleges and universities are also using data to develop trends and other types of analysis that determines the likelihood of success based on a range of factors. This will assess the median potential income that a student will earn based on their degree, the school that they attend, as well as their GPA.

It can also analyze the success that someone will have if they end up dropping out of school entirely. Beyond potential income, it can also provide regression analysis to determine the likelihood of living a healthy life and achieving a number of other milestones in which the school is able to obtain data for.