The International Student and Homesickness

Being oceans away from your home may cause you to become homesick and forget that you are actually a free and independent bird ready to spread its wings.

However, when all else fails, here are some tips to help the homesickness.

1. Check out the university’s international student society and share your thoughts with your peers. Also, you can meet similar people who are experiencing the same thing.

2. Try cooking some of the homemade foods to make you feel less homesick. There are many supermarkets selling international ingredients out there in the neighborhood.

3. Make friends with the international students as well since they may feel what you are feeling too. Try to get out of your comfort zone.

4. Spend time with friends because they will make you feel better when your family is not around. They tend to become like your second family.

5. Schedule video calls with your family and keep in touch through the good and bad times. No matter what your schedule is like, always find time for them.

In conclusion, if you are feeling homesick there are still ways you can overcome these struggles. In fact, asking your family back home for advice works very well because they know you best. Also, they will know what to tell you if you are feeling down. And do not forget to join a club because you can talk about it with them. And lastly, always remember that your health is very important and that you should always make that a first priority.