How to Help Kids Learn to Love Giving

Helping kids today to love giving will be one of the greatest things you could do towards their development. By learning to give at a young age, they look for opportunities to give throughout their life, and it can lead them down the road to true happiness.

Look to see if there is anything in the house that your child really doesn’t need anymore. Lets assume they received a large amount of balloons for their birthday, but the party is over. Bring the child and the balloons to the nearest nursing home, and let the kids give them to all the residents. What will happen is, the child will be showered with love and affection as these seniors express their gratitude, allowing the child to see how giving results in more attention.

Gather up the toys the child no longer plays with, and visit the local children;s hospital. Watch the look in the eyes of the kids who are getting toys from a stranger, and how it makes your child feel knowing someone in that position is so excited about getting a little toy. Your child will appreciate what they have more, will get addicted to the feeling of giving, and will start looking for more ways to give of their time, money, and belongings, to help others who are less fortunate.

Give the child the gift of giving today and they will have the power to change the world. This feeling of giving can not be taught in words, it must be felt to truly appreciate it.