Iran Bans Teaching of English in Primary Schools

In Iran, teaching the English language was banned because of the belief that it instills Western values early on. Usually, English is taught in middle school, but some schools started teaching it earlier. The Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei claimed teaching English too early would influence the youth to Western traditions. The leaders of Iran agreed that teaching English in primary schools would be a form of cultural invasion. The reason for this ban is also due to the belief that teaching English will lessen the influence of the West and strengthen the Iranian cultural beliefs.

These laws are not only applied to school but also outside of school. The government and leader said that the Iranian people should be teaching their children the Persian language and Islamic culture first. The leader has claimed that this isn’t in protest to foreign languages but learning the language, in itself, is a way to promote a different culture in Iran.

This isn’t the first time a ban happened, however. In 2017, there was a ban on Kurdish language books as well. This ban, however, is not linked to the protests that are taking place inside Iran. Iran believes the protests are taking place due to foreign influences.