It takes a lot to be a Gifted Child

Although being a gifted child may be a god’s gift from heaven, they actually deal with a high amount of stress since they excel in all that they do. Gifted children are able to hear environmental cues better than other students and become more sensitive to the judgments of others. Because of this special gift, they are more likely to pressure themselves into higher standards and packed schedules. In other words, they become hard on themselves.

These students tend to be placed in school environments filled with pressure because the stress keeps them from being bored. However, when they become too stressed they might not be able to focus on school causing them more stress because they cannot focus again.

Parents need to watch out for their children when they are overstressed in school because the results are not good. What once used to be an enjoyment and easy thing for them could become irritable and frustrating. In other words, burnout may occur in your child’s health.

Parents can help their children from this burnout by discussing major issues that they may forget like help them set realistic goals, groups of gifted children, limiting extracurricular activities, understand burnout, prioritize, stand up for themselves, and lastly, talk to your kid to find out about their lifestyle.

Even though you have a gifted child on your hands, it does not mean life will get easier for either them or you. You need to talk to your child and discuss their life choices and understand their views and opinions. And always, take their health as your first priority.