Private Student Loans: 6 Best Lenders for 2018

Paying for your education can get expensive unless you have scholarships and financial aid. Fortunately, there are a few private student loan companies to consider. When making a decision about a student loan, think about the interest rates as well as the monthly payments that will be made as the student should be able to comfortably afford the payment.

College Ave is at the top of the list of lenders with low fixed interest rates. SallieMae is an option as well to consider. This is a company to look into if you have less than perfect credit. SunTrust offers rates for graduate and undergraduate students. Other loan companies that have low rates include Ascent, Discover, and CitizensOne. Before applying for a private student loan, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to see if you qualify for any kind of financial assistance that you don’t have to pay back. You should also look for loans that you won’t have to pay back until after you graduate instead of trying to pay for the loan while you’re in college. Consider a co-signor if you don’t have good credit. When borrowing money, only borrow the amount that you will need for school so that you won’t have to pay back more than you need.