Should Colleges Invest More in Supporting Researchers?

Many of the most important things that we use or depend on in our daily lives were discovered by researchers on college campuses. Some of these things include medicines, vaccines, sports drinks and computers. We tend to take these things for granted, but they are crucial to our society. Research has been happening in colleges for many years because it allows students to experiment and expand beyond existing knowledge. This is vital because young adults leave college knowing there are many problems to be solved in the world. So why don’t colleges invest more money in research?

The simple answer to this is limited money. Research costs an enormous amount of money and most schools have tight budgets and have to prioritize their spending. The majority of funding for research comes from outside sources such as the government, private companies or fund raising. Researchers can also apply for government grants, but this is a difficult process for students and it is extremely competitive. Unfortunately, the grant process has increasingly become more difficult and longer. Government grant money has decreased as demand has increased. It is usually overwhelming for a student to balance it all while staying compliant. Moving forward, it will be important for schools to support researchers to keep them from getting discouraged.