Reading Tips for Young Children

Number one tip – and I know you’ve heard this one before: read to them. I read to my eldest until she was about twelve, and my youngest until she was ten (now she reads to me instead).

Best tip from a teacher: Don’t be a snob about comic books and graphic novels. Check for age-appropriate content, of course; your seven-year-old should not be reading Watchmen. But when my eldest was that age she really struggled with reading until her teacher gave me that advice, and we bought her the first Teen Titans Go! comic. The teacher suggested one where she already knew the characters, and hey, comic books have pictures for context! Now (at 15) she reads to grade level.

Best tip from a librarian: reading is reading is reading. Books, comics, newspapers, cereal boxes; everything counts. In fact, when my child was diagnosed with allergies to tree nuts, we put her in charge of reading food labels when shopping (and of course we double checked; the child was eight years old).

Reading is, in fact, fundamental.