Studies show that students have too much confidence in their grades

Studies show that students are particularly optimistic about their grades. They tend to overestimate themselves because they think they have studied well, however, they grades show that they have lowered their scores.

In order to fix this problem, a research has been conducted in a classroom to help them exceed their own expectations by giving them surveys to help them think more about their choices and pretests to help them understand if they need to study more to get a good grade.

After this experiment, students planned more study time. Therefore, many students raised their grades and kept themselves from getting low scores in the class. Although, the confidence does play a big role for both the excelling student and failing student. It seemed the higher their grade, the higher their confidence, and the lower their grade, the lower their confidence.

That is why this experiment was created to help students keep track of their activity so that they can plan better for their future test-taking and study time. This research has, in fact, helped these students make better decisions about their studies so that they can avoid having to retake the course again.

As a result, we can help make a program to help these students understand and study better.