Surveys Says, Hire a Female Graduate

Employers are hiring the female graduate more so than their male counterpart. Even in what would be previously considered a male dominated field, such as the sciences, the women are starting to break through that barrier. In a study held at the Cornell Institute for Women in Science, findings show that “Female candidates are now twice as likely to be chosen as equally qualified men.”

Other studies have shown that colleges and universities are better preparing their graduate students beyond the traditional classroom learning. In a study made up of over 4000 employers, the female students consistently displayed a higher level of skills, and performance than the male students. The women are better prepared to make the transition into the workforce. However, for the most part, the males are still getting paid more than their equally qualified female counterpart.

In an interesting article by expert Karen Kelsky, she prepares new graduates by advising them to act more like a job candidate on an interview, and less like a student. She is the founder of “The Professor is In.” Preparation does help a female job candidate stand out in the eyes of the potential employer, and more importantly, it proves her to be the best candidate for the job.