Teens Are Protesting In-Class Presentations

Many people have memories of being made to speak in front of the class in high school. Many high school classes require the students to practice this public speaking skill. Now, many high school students are protesting in-class speaking and presentations in front of the class.

Students are protesting these presentations due to their anxiety levels. They said it is unfair if they have anxiety and will often receive a lower grade on the project due to the rush to get done. Students are also saying that speaking in front of the class leads to stress and long-term harm to their emotional well-being.

Students have said that they should not be forced to do something that will make them feel uncomfortable. If a student is anxious speaking in front of a group will cause them harm and they should not have to go to school in fear.

Anxiety is now a major issue among young people. Older people have credited public speaking with building up their skills and self-confidence. Still, young people feel that those that have anxiety will be unproductive. The school will not help ease the anxiety but will make it worse. In-class presentations lead to the already high-stress level of kids and for some, it makes going to school unbearable.