The Candidates Embracing Their Black-College Roots

Black politicians are highly educated and they are proud of the colleges that they went to. Now black candidates are embracing their roots and the fact that they graduated from schools that are traditional for African Americans.

Andrew Gillum and Stacey Abrams are two black politicians that graduated from HBCU attend they are doing so to reach out to voters. Gillum is a democrat that was elected the first black governor of the state of Florida. He is only the 5th black governor in the history of the United States.

Abrams who is a gubernatorial candidate in the state of Georgia is also proud that he attended a historically black college. There are some many students from the black college that entering the field of politics and they are proud of the schools that they are attending. They are holding high statewide positions and are found in all levels of the government.
Kamala Harris is a graduate from Howard University and Douglas Wider, the governor of Virginia also attended a historically black school. He was even the first black governor in the United States. These students are getting a quality education and they are proud of the historical schools that they are attending.