New Disciplinary Approach Giving Desired Effect

In most schools, the governance principles tend to trickle down from above. The school gets its curriculum from the district education offices. The school’s principal then leads the teachers on how to apply the curriculum. The teachers, in turn, show students what they should do to complete a particular course. This approach also applies to how most schools discipline their students. However, unknowingly, this has proven to be the greatest undoing to most institutions and one school has chosen to take a different disciplinary approach.

Ohio Avenue Elementary School is an institution that is based in a locality where most students hail from needy families. This has a significant impact on how students relate to each other while at school. They are subjected to violence on a daily basis and are prone to being rash on each other while at school. Most of these students are also victims of traumatic experiences such as neglect, abuse from drug-addicted parents and homelessness.

This means that a small fight is such a school is likely to escalate to uncontrollable levels if it is not contained at an early stage. For this reason, the school has taken a unique approach is ensuring that students live in unity. They also ensure that the school provides an ideal environment for recovery from the hostile outside environment.

The school has invested heavily in sensitizing all the adults present in the institution about how children respond to trauma. They are trained in how to interpret a child’s behavior without making a hasty decision. It’s a move that has been well received by the teachers. It has also brought positive results although some of the teachers still find it difficult to cope. All in all, the move is excellent and better than the traditional approach of punishing students without investigating the cause of the defiance.