The University of California Stands Out Among Top Schools When It Comes to Serving Poor Students

The college education is becoming increasingly expensive and the numerical figure on student loans is on an all-time high number. But are the colleges really doing something about making sure that the low-income students are actually getting enrolled? One of the best ways to find an answer to the above question is to find out if the institutions are really finding ways to make sure that the financial grants are accessed by students coming from low-income families. But if there is one educational place that scores high among many other universities across America is The University of California. Among the public and non-profit private institutions, The University of California stands out in terms of the number of low-income students who are able to access the financial grants that they are eligible for.

One of the reasons why the university is able to do that is the assistance it gets from the state which certainly makes a huge difference. But the university also devotes a decent percentage of those grants to get more low-income students as a part of the educational system. The management at the university has taken adequate measures to improve the socio-economic student makeup in their college and also provide academic assistance to students at some of the underserved schools in the region. This way, when the students from these schools become seniors, the university helps them out with the application process as well as financial aid. While it is true that there are many other top universities who are yet to join the race, The University of California has already set an example.