Universities accused of unethical ‘pick and mix’ reporting of drug trial results

When we get sick, our thought’s are on stopping the pain or finding a way to cure it altogether. While some
of us visit the doctor, others rely on home remedies or over the counter products. Those of us who choose to
visit the doctors, get vaccinations. It’s amazing how these vaccinations can help cure almost everything from
the common cold to severe pains such as headaches or open wounds but have you ever thought about how much it
takes to get a vaccination to work on the human body?
Tests must be done and most of them are done on animals while some require further research on humans.
Universities are accused of performing Tuberculosis test trials on humans without permission. Reporting the
results from animal trials will grant permission for human trials and all of its funding but Universities
failed to report. Scientists at Oxford University that injected the vaccine into monkeys but the monkies died
the same time as without the vaccine. These results were not reported before they were granted permission to
use infants. Instead of reporting in the results from the previous tests, the vaccines were used on African
infants and were placed in the spot meant for the results of the animal testing.
This information may make you wonder if we are really being helped or being used as test subjects. Would you
really put your trust and wellbeing in companies that have not taken the right approach to get the right
results of the vaccinations out there? If this continues, what would happen if the world is injected with a
partially tested vaccination in hopes of becoming well again?