Wharton School receives $25 million gift from Nicolai Tangen and AKO Foundation

The Wharton School got a $25 million gift from Nicolai Tangen and the AKO Foundation. This grant was given so that the school would be able to build a New Tangen Hall and will put money in the scholarship fund for international students.

Nicolai Tangen is the founder of this investment firm that is based out of London. He graduates from the University of Pennsylvania back in 1992. He has been donating to this school ever since. The school has expressed their gratitude for this gift and they are working to make the future bright for the students. They are going to start this hall and feel it will have an impact all around the world. There will be additional housing for the students. The scholarships will attract students from all around the world and allow them to get a high-quality education.

The hall is going to be 70,000 square feet and will be used for entrepreneurship for the students. The students will be able to a student in this hall and it will also be home for those that are studying business and entrepreneur based programs. This hall will also include meeting halls for the students to gather, rental space for student-based businesses, 3D printers and laser cutters, and VR cave, and a café so students can have a place to sit and socialize with each other.