What Does the UK General Election Mean for Students?

The 2017 General Election in the United Kingdom came around a year after the surprise vote for the country to slowly exit the European Union. For those that live in the UK, understanding what all of these changes mean can be very confusing. One group of people that will be affected by the exit of the EU and the election are students. The General Election in the UK will mean a number of different things for both domestic and international students.

For domestic students, the increasing cost of going to a university, loss of housing privileges, and a shrinking job market has been a concern for years. For those that are concerned about it, receiving more relief and support from the government is very beneficial. The Labour Party, which is a very liberal and democratic party in the UK, has pledged that it would get rid of tuition fees and even write off any student loan debt. While this could lead to a big rise in taxes, it is deemed to be socially conscious. The Conservative Party, on the other hand, does not expect to make many changes other than modest increases in government support.

While domestic students should be concerned with the election, so should international students. International students should be most concerned about any potential immigration law changes. While existing students are likely to not be affected, it could impact someone’s ability to stay in the UK and work after they graduate depending on which party wins the election.