What if Schools Taught Kindness?

There are a lot of kids that are being bullied these days, and this has become a news headline on a very regular basis. There is also a great increase in the number of school shootings. All of these things are the end result of schools not teaching kindness at a very early age to children.

Some of these children just do not have good relationships with their parents, and this transitions into an old world of bullying and school gun violence as the children get older. If kindness was taught in school the entire atmosphere would change. There would be a lot less real life and social media bullying.
There would also be much fewer, if any, gun shootings in schools. Many kids today are essentially growing up on their own with no real direct parental guidance. Your parents have no idea what type of games their children are playing.

They are not aware of the way that their children are engaging in conversations or activities with others. In other words, parents are totally oblivious to what their children are doing on a day-to-day basis.

It is unfair to put teachers in a role where they are responsible for the behavior of the children, but teachers spend more time with children than their parents do. The majority of a child hours where they are awake are typically spent with teachers. If there was an effort to teach kindness in school it would result in a much better school environment.