What Kids’ Backpacks Say About Them

For a student at school, their backpack is their chance to express themselves. At they walk through the hallways during passing periods, or hang out during lunch, what they wear on their back says as much about them as what they are wearing on their fronts. There is such a wide range to choose from, and whether they want to be a superhero, a transformer or a pokemon they can show their friends their personality through their backpacks. An outgoing student may want to wear brightly colored backpacks that express their colorful personalities whereas a more fashion conscious student might just want a simple monochrome backpack that contains the logo if their favorite designer. There are even backpacks made of different materials to help send the message that they are an individual. There are as many backpacks as there are types of students and so everybody can find one that reflects the type of person they are. While it is important to find a functional backpack that can take care of the demands of the school day, the type of backpack a student has can give the first impression of who they are and leave a lasting impression when they leave.