Why Many College Dropouts Are Returning to School in North Carolina

In North Carolina, many students that have dropped out of college are looking to get back into school. There is a reason why so many college dropouts are returning to their college classes in North Carolina.

The state has done something that others states have not and it is rather simple. They have lowered the cost of college tuition. This makes it more affordable for people to get back into the classroom. The state has developed the NC Promise program when it costs to tuition. There is a flat rate of $500 for their in-state students and $2,500 for out of state students. All public universities will use this rate. The state has set aside $51 million to help cover the difference in costs to the universities. North Carolina feels that if they lower the cost of tuition more people will be able to attend school and finish their degrees.

There is also a readmits program to encourage students that have dropped out to go back to college. They will also see this flat rate in tuition. So far there has been a 60 percent increase in readmits at the Pembroke college.

College dropouts often have been in the workforce and do not need to live on campus. They will be able to finish up their degrees without breaking the bank or getting into a deep debt.