Why Millions of Teens Can’t Finish Their Homework

It seems like no teenager does homework anymore. There are some reasons why homework is getting done. These are some reasons why millions of teens are not completing their homework.

Lack of Internet

Many assignments are on the computer. They require the student to log on to see the assignment, use the internet for research, and then type and print a response. Students in low-income families may not have access to technology at home. there may not be a computer or internet services. The student may be embarrassed by this and rather than tell their teacher, they do not complete the assignment.

Lack of Parental Involvement

Teens can be forgetful. If the parents do not check up on them and stay on top of the teen, the homework may not be getting done. Parents may forget to ask about homework. The modern parent works full-time and then has to come home and do household chores. Asking about homework is often overlooked and this contributes to the reasons that they are not getting done.

After School Jobs

There are teenagers that need to work to pay for things they need. They may need to pay for their clothing, car insurance, and other expenses. Some teens also need to help out with the household bills. This does not leave time for homework.

These are some reasons why teens are not able to complete their homework. The lack of technology is the biggest factors as to why homework is not getting done especially in low-income areas.